Master Class Professional 2 x Adjustable Rosti / Dessert Ring Moulds Chef Rings

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Masterclass Chefs Rings
Adjustable Size From 7cm - 9cm Diameter
Graduated Markings

Set Of Two

Stainless Steel

Adjustable Diameter From 7cm -9cm

A Must for any budding chef or cook

Widely used throughout the kitchen

Used for presentation of salads, simply dress your leaves and use the ring to keep them together whislt finishing your salad and remove.

Desserts, both cold and hot. Set your cheesecakes, mouses etc or bake hot puddings such as Chocolate fondants, sponges etc

Rosti Potatoes Made Easy - Grated Potato (Starchy) & Shredded Onion gently pressed to remove some liquid and then seasoned. You could add other flavours such as a little shredded horseradish if you are serving with beef, fresh herbs such as sage for chicken or even a little chilli!

Get a little butter and oil hot in a pan, put in the mould and fill with the potato mix, press down and cook over a medium heat until lightly browned, turn over (use a palatte knife or similar) and lightly press the centre whilst removing the mould. Continue cooking until golden and cooked through. Taste Great

Use as a mould for you salads and pates.

Great for lovely individual portions of desserts such as cheese cake or parfaits

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